Merry Christmas! I hope you are doing well. We have missed seeing you at the church. If I can be of any service, please feel free to reach out to me at 419-204-7014.

Starting in 2023, the church will be publishing a newsletter monthly. We will ensure that you receive one via mail, so you can stay updated on what is happening at FCC. 

Let me share a few things that have taken place in the recent months. We have elected a new slate of officers for 2023. .

Church BoardName
ChairMary Dickinson
Vice-Chair Jessica  Osborn
Clerk Pat Fisher
At LargeJanet Dearing
Senior Minister Bruce Bowerman-Jett
  EldershipMary Dickinson, Cary Modd, Janet Dearing, David Faulkner, Pat Fisher, Eileen Latham
Deacons  Mary Rayl, Jed Lones, Gary Strobel, Tom Bowerman-Jett
  Nurture Team ChairYet to be Filled. 
Outreach Team ChairPat Fisher
  Fellowship Team ChairMary Dickinson 
Facilities Team ChairTom Bowerman-Jett
Worship Team ChairJudy Faulkner 
Senior Minister Bruce Bowerman-Jett
Administrative Assistant
Pianist/Organist Judy Faulkner/Madison Taylor
Treasurer Kristie Fay
Custodian Mel Donnal